JCMT PI Projects Approved for Observation in Semester 21B

Version 1.1 – Updated: 2021/07/01

Project ID (Code order) Principal Investigator Total Hrs WB FoP Title of Investigation (Color Code: Red = Target-of-Opportunity; Green = Time-specific; Italics = Daytime)
1 2 3 4 5
Hrs = hours approved; WB = weather band; FoP = "Friend" of the project (see below)
M21BP002 Shaobo Zhang 5.85

XJJ Dust growth in a colliding cloud L1188
M21BP003 Ruining Zhao 7.2 1.2 6

STM SCUBA-2 Observation of Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard)
M21BP004 Kate Pattle 19

MGR, JL Magnetic fields in the NGC7023 reflection nebula
M21BP006 Ke Shi 7.2 7.2

MGR, JL Unveil dusty star-forming galaxies in a protocluster at z=3.13
M21BP009 Charles L. H. Hull 4

MGR, JL Multi-scale magnetic field observations in Cepheus Class 0 protostellar cores
M21BP010 Yi-Jehng Kuan 10* 10 night hours (see footnote *)
STM Ammoniated Salt Chemistry in the nucleus of comet 342P/SOHO and coma chemistry in C/2021 A1 (Leonard)
M21BP015 Yulong GAO 2.4

2.4 XJJ Probing the molecular gas in four merges of metal-poor gas-rich galaxies
M21BP017 Samar Safi-Harb 14


HALP Using JCMT to settle the debate on Tycho's progenitor
M21BP018 Hao-Yuan Duan 2

HALP Measuring the Turbulence Linewidths for Deriving the Magnetic Field Strength in Onsala 2
M21BP020 Nicolas Peretto 18

MGR, JL Mapping the magnetic field morphology of the NGC2024 filaments across the sub- to super-critical transition
M21BP021 Han-Tsung Lee 6

6 HALP SDC18, a shock-compressed filament or a gravitationally collapsing sheet
M21BP024 Kate Pattle 13 13

MGR, JL Magnetic fields in the nearest starburst galaxies
M21BP026 Sarah Sadavoy 25.5

25.5 HALP Mapping the Kinematics of L483
M21BP027 Ya-Wen Tang 7.6

STM A Comprehensive Study of Magnetic Fields and Fragmentation in Filaments
M21BP029 Jia-Wei Wang 8

HALP Interplay between Filament, Magnetic fields, Gravity, and Velocity Gradients in Quiescent Hub-Filament System: Investigating the Initial Condition of HFS Formation
M21BP030 Ian Smail 24


STM Using cold-dust-selected samples from SCUBA-2 to trace the growth of cluster galaxies out to z~2
M21BP031 Qilao Gu 16***

MGR, JL Does the Magnetic Field Suppress Star Formation in Galactic Center Massive Clouds?
M21BP032 Mariko Kubo 10.3

SL SCUBA-2 follow up for an extremely bright IR source at z>3
M21BP033 LuShiying 12

STM Probing the Molecular Gas for 10 nearby star-forming S0 galaxies
M21BP034 Junfeng Wang 6


STM Searching for Molecular Outflow in a Gaseous Merger with Restarted Radio Activities
M21BP036 Zhenzhen Miao 15.8

XJJ Observation of molecular AlF towards S-type AGB stars
M21BP037 Yanan Feng 15.9

XJJ Seeking "parent" molecules toward the S-type AGB star: BZ Cma
M21BP038 Yanan Feng 15.3

XJJ Searching for characteristic molecules (C2H and SO) in two S-type AGB stars
M21BP041 Lingrui Lin 0.5

HALP Exploring the low dust emissivity index of Galactic metal-poor molecular clouds
M21BP043 Sheng-Jun Lin 3.7

SL BISTRO-3 Complementary Observations: Mapping the Extended Emission of Starless Cores with SCUBA-2
M21BP044 Mike Chen 78.9

78.9 STM Probing Convergence Flows in B5
M21BP045 Chang Won Lee 16

HALP Testing grain alignment of carbonaceous and silicate grains in the envelopes of AGB stars
M21BP046 Eswaraiah Chakali 12.568

XJJ Understanding the importance of magnetic fields in the ``collect and collapse model" of star formation - a case study towards S104 using SCUBA2-POL2
M21BP049 Yan Duan 11

STM HARP Observation of Taurus Gas and Star-Formation Feedback
M21BP050 Che-Yen Chu 22**


STM Studying sub-mm band spectral shape and time variability of radio magnetars
M21BP051 Qingzheng Yu 21

XJJ Probing the cold gas evolution of MaNGA merging galaxies
M21BP052 Juan Tuo 21

XJJ Observation of molecular HC3N towards the planetary nebula : Hb 5
M21BP053 Ray S. Furuya 14.4*** 14.4

HALP Does alpha dynamo really maintain galaxy-scale B field?
M21BP055 Myungshin Im 20


MGR, JL SCUBA-2 Observations of the JWST/GTO NEP Time Domain Field: Going Deeper
M21BP058 Yong Zhang 5.4 5.4

SL Morphology of the extended dust envelope around Betelgeuse
M21BP059 Yuhui Zhao 16.4


XJJ Production and kinematics of CO in distant comet C/2017 K2
M21BP061 Ram Kesh Yadav 3.7

STM Understanding star formation in elephant trunk-like structures: a pilot study with SCUBA-2
M21BP063 Yi-Jehng Kuan 30


STM Zero-Spacing Spectral Imaging of Orion KL
M21BP064 Yuji Urata 18 18

HALP SCUBA-2 Follow-up of IceCube Neutrino events
M21BP067 Hsi-Wei Yen 15.5

MGR, JL Magnetic field structures in dense cores with embedded disks
M21BP073 Guodong Li 6.7

XJJ Cold Dust Content of a Low-z Obscured Quasar W1904+4853
M21BP074 Woojin Kwon 26 5 21

HALP Magnetic Field Morphologies and Strengths around Class 0 Young Stellar Objects
M21BP075 Gregory Sivakoff 24 8

16 STM Is SS Cyg, the Prototypical Cataclysmic Variable, a Bright Sub-mm Transient?
M21BP076 Jingwen Wu 4.4


XJJ Cold Dust and Star Formation in low-z Hot DOGs
M21BP078 Graham Bell 4*** 4

GSB Searching for a turn-up in the spectrum of magnetar XTE J1810-197 at 450µm
M21BP079 Laura Fissel 7.75

STM Completing the Polarization Survey of Isolated Protostellar Cores in Perseus
M21BP080 Mengke Zhao 11 11

XJJ Magnetic field in the end-dominated collapsing filament structure S242
M21BP082 Tom Bakx 10.66


SL Dusty galaxies as signpost for distant proto-clusters at z~3-4
M21BP083 Douglas Scott 2.6

HALP Crab polarization as a CMB calibrator
M21BP084 Daniel Perley 15 15 (max. of 3 in Band 1)
MGR, JL SCUBA-2 ToO Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts
M21BP087 Chian-Chou Chen 12 6 6

SL Testing the ubiquity of overdensity of dusty galaxies around z~3 quasar pairs
M21BP090 Aaron Golden 8.9 8.9

SL 'Snow plows' through the local ISM - using nearby pulsars as probes of interstellar dust via the detection of circumpulsar debris disks
M21BP091 Rei Enokiya 1

XJJ Probing molecular gas associated with the Youngest Galactic Supernova Remnant G1.9+0.3 (continuation of 20B)
M21BP092 Tie Liu 7.4*** 7.4

HALP Magnetic field of the W43-main cloud

* Proposal M21BP010: The night-time allocation is as listed above. However, the proposal was additionally awarded up to 82h of EO time for use in Bands 1-4.
** Proposal M21BP050: Time allocation is treated here as a ToO trigger, to allow (near-)simultaneous data acquisition with IRAM for two epochs, one month apart. JCMT time allocation contingent upon approval of corresponding IRAM time allocation.
*** A “Total Hrs” entry in magenta indicates a contingency amount of time. This may be subsequently reduced if some fraction of the time is used up by the 21A version of the project. Other project allocations may also be reduced if their fallback projects from earlier semesters obtain additional data during semester 21A.

Project ID (Rank Order) Principal Investigator Total Hrs WB FoP Title of Investigation (Color Code: Red = Target-of-Opportunity; Green = Time-specific; Italics = Daytime)
1 2 3 4 5
M21BH21A1 Len Cowie 45 45

MGR, JL Developing a sample of faint submm sources and determining their properties
M21BH20A Jonathan Williams 20 20

MGR, JL Magnetic field structure in dense cores with embedded disks – (For August targets)
M21BH03B Watson Varricatt 25 25

MGR, JL Mapping the magnetic fields in massive star forming regions
M21AH08B4 Benjamin Shappee 24

MGR, JL Rainbow tide: multi-wavelength follow-up of tidal disruption events
M21AH20A Jonathan Williams 30

MGR, JL Magnetic field structure in dense cores with embedded disks – (For targets observable later in the semester)

"Friend of the Project" (FoP): Each project is assigned a "friend of the project" who is the first line of contact for assistance/advice/info

Per / PF Per – p.friberg @ eaobservatory.org

Izumi / IM Izumi – i.mizuno @ eaobservatory.org

Shaoliang /SL Shaoliang – s.li @ eaobservatory.org

Xue-Jian / XJJ Xue-Jian – x.jiang @ eaobservatory.org

Harriet / HALP Harriet – h.parsons @ eaobservatory.org

Mark / MGR Mark – m.rawlings @ eaobservatory.org

Graham / GSB Graham – g.bell @ eaobservatory.org

Nagayoshi/ NO Nagayoshi – nohashi @ naoj.org

Junhao / JL Junhao Liu – j.liu @ eaobservatory.org

Steve / STM Steve – s.mairs @ eaobservatory.org