The JCMT OT primer

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This document is a primer on how to use the JCMT Observing Tool (JCMT OT) to prepare and submit observations.

The software must already be downloaded and installed for these pages to be relevant (see our software installation page — make sure you have downloaded the latest version!). If you are using an EAO or summit machine, the software is already installed.

If you are viewing this document through the JCMT OT Help menu, there may be a more up-to-date version on our web site at

If, after reading this guide you have any questions about preparing your observations, please consult with your "Friend of the Project" or email


Because the OT is a graphical tool, the initial description of how to use it will undoubtedly appear long-winded. But if you use the text and screen shots to give yourself some practice you'll find that you'll actually be able to prepare your program in a modest number of steps.