Do I need to include calibrations in my observing program?

No. The observatory takes care of all calibration observations (pointing, focus and standard source observations) and this time is not charged to your project. We suggest you look at the calibration pages on specific JCMT instruments to guide you as to our quoted calibration uncertainties. If you have a special requirement, for example with SCUBA-2: a faint source observation (like cosmology) where pointing is critical, you may request in the MSB notes that, if possible, additional pointings are taken bracketing the observations to provide additional precision. Likewise, with a spectral observation, if intensity is of critical importance, you may wish to request a standard source observation be taken closely in time to your science observation. We will do our best to accommodate such requests. If uncertain, ask your Friend of Project for further guidance.

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Category: JCMT Observing


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