How to remove receptors when reducing HARP data

Sometimes you might wish to ignore certain receptors form your HARP reduction. For example let’s consider that I wish to reduce only the central four HARP receptors form some data. As a reminder the two places to look for information on heterodyne data reduction are:

Quick Guide – short description on how to reduce heterodyne data.

DR Cookbook – should be consulted for a more detailed description.

So to reduce data without certain receptors will require using the bad_receptors calibration option. It is possible to put a list on the command line, or use a file.  Given that in this example we want to make twelve receptors “bad” (i.e. ignored) a file seems better.  Create a file called $ORAC_DATA_OUT/bad_receptors.lis and space-separate a list of those you want to EXCLUDE from the reductions like this example:

H00 H02 H03 H05 H06 H07 H08 H09 H11 H12 H13 H15

Then run oracdr with the following:

oracdr -loop file -file mylist.lis -nodisplay -log sf -verbose -calib bad_receptors=FILE

This will instruct ORACDR to read a bad_receptors.lis file in ORAC_DATA_OUT, which it expects to contain space separated detectors. Alternatively provide a colon list of receptors, i.e. H02 and H08:

oracdr -loop file -file mylist.lis -nodisplay -log sf -verbose -calib bad_receptors=\"H02:H08\"
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