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Dr. J.G.A. Wouterloot
East Asian Observatory (fb)
660 N. A'ohoku Place
University Park
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Phone: +1 808 9696516
Fax: +1 808 9616516
j.wouterloot at eaobservatory.org

List of molecular clouds and star forming regions in the Far Outer Galaxy

Latest Publications:

Discovery of two embedded massive YSOs and an outflow in IRAS 18144-1723.
W.P.Varricatt, J.G.A.Wouterloot, S.K.Ramsay, C.J.Davis: 2018, MNRAS 480, 4231

Extended dust emission from nearby evolved stars.
T.E.Dharmawardena, F.Kemper, P.Scicluna, J.G.A.Wouterloot, A.Trejo, S.Srinivasan, J.Cami, A.Zijlstra, J.P.Marshall: 2018, MNRAS 479, 536

The cold dusty Galaxy Centre as seen by SCUBA-2.
H.Parsons, J.T.Dempsey, H.S.Thomas, D.Berry, M.J.Currie, P.Friberg, J.G.A.Wouterloot, A.Chrysostomou, S.Graves, R.P.J.Tilanus, G.S.Bell, M.G.Rawlings: 2018, ApJS 234, 22

In Preparation:

A multiline study of the WB89-436/7 complex (Wouterloot, Brand)

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