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Announcing EAO submissions to the 17A Subaru Call for Proposals

The East Asian Observatory announces the first opportunity for astronomers from East Asian participant regions to apply for the normal program time in the 17A semester at the Subaru Telescope.

The full details of the Subaru Call for Proposals can be found here: 17A Subaru Call

The EAO has created a committee of experienced astronomers throughout the regions who will be assisting regional scientists who are interested in leading or collaborating on a proposal. This team and their contact emails is provided here:

  • Korea:
    • Dr Narae Hwang: nhwang “at”
    • Dr Minjin Kim: mkim “at”
  • Taiwan:
    • Dr Keiichi Umetsu: keiichi “at”
    • Dr Zhong-Yi Lin: zylin “at”
  • Japan:
    • Dr Tohru Nagao: tohru “at”
    • Dr Masateru Ishiguro: ishiguro “at”
  • China:
    • Dr Lei Hao: haol “at”
    • Dr Eric Peng: ewpeng “at”

The East Asian Observatory proposals will be considered by the Subaru scientific panel alongside regular Subaru proposals, with a guaranteed minimum award of time of a total of 3 nights of observing in the semester. However, if the proposals are highly ranked by the committee, it is possible for larger time awards (up to the maximum of 5 nights ) to be given.

The East Asian Observatory wishes to promote community involvement between the partner regions and as such will be coordinating the program submissions and encouraging a high level of inter-region collaboration on the proposals. Proposals must show a minimum of two regions participating in a proposal, but greater cross-region collaboration is strongly encouraged.

Proposal Timeline and Process

  1. Immediately: Contact one or both of the committee members for your region for details of current proposals under consideration and to notify them of your areas of interest
  2. By August 19th: EAO will accept letters (email is sufficient) of intent to propose for the time that should include a short abstract of the proposal and a list of participating astronomers at this email: EAO_Subaru_sub “at” These should be submitted on or by Friday, the 19th of August.
  3. The EAO committee will meet to discuss proposals, assist PIs with strengthening their science cases, and assist in connecting regional astronomers with similar areas of interest and collaborations.
  4. By September 7th: EAO proposals for Subaru regular 17A time will be submitted by the nominated PIs and teams, via the normal Subaru proposal system, which closes submissions on this date.
  5. Following notification from Subaru regarding the successful proposals, there will be a period of Open Enrollment, when any additional interested EAO regional astronomers will be eligible to sign-up to one or more of the successful programs.


Please contact your regional committee members for further information, or inquire of EAO at the email above. We recognise the timeline for these proposals is very short, and will do everything we can to assist you in participating.

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