Subaru Telescope

The East Asian Observatory is pleased to partner with the Subaru Telescope to enable astronomers  from an East Asian participant region to have access to Subaru time. The East Asian Observatory proposals are considered by the Subaru scientific panel alongside regular Subaru proposals, with a guaranteed award of time of a total of 3 nights of observing in the semester.

The 17B semester Call at the Subaru Telescope is now closed.

Please note there will be no call for Subaru proposals for the 2018 A and B semesters for EAO astronomers.

If you have any questions related to the EAO/Subaru partnership, future proposals or past programs please email:

EAO_subaru “at”

Open Enrollment for successful proposals

The following link provides details of past successful EAO/Subaru proposals. Details of these projects ad how to get involved with there programs can be found here.

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