Welcome to ASTR 351L! This is a lab course focused on submillimetre data obtained by the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. This course is designed as a "smorgasbord" of data reduction and analytical techniques for working with continuum and spectral data at 450 and 850 microns. You will become familiar with the Telescope's instruments over the course of 8 assignments where you will need to perform similar analyses to those which resulted in published works. We will explore topics from local universe star formation to cosmology and time variability studies. You will then design your own observing projects.

Additionally, you will staff an observing run for one night at the JCMT so you have the experience performing observations at the largest submillimetre telescope on the planet. You will be accompanied by a telescope operator all night and you will also have the assistance of a support astronomer. It's loads of fun!

100% of your grade is based on a total of 10 assignments and the experience of one night at the telescope. Below are links to the slides and assignments.

Click here for guidelines on how to write a good lab report and to find information on the grading scheme.


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