EAO/JCMT Staff Listing

EAO/JCMT Staff Listing

For email use the initial of the first name followed by a period (.) followed by the complete last name then @eaobservatory.org

For a phone number start with 1 808 969-65 then follow with the last two digits of the extension.

Name ex Title
Ayap, Mark 269 Electronic Instrumentation Technician
Bell, Graham 218 Scientific Programmer
Berry, David NA Scientific Programmer
Berthold, Ryan 283 Software Engineer
Bintley, Dan 206 SCUBA-2 Instrumentation Scientist
Brown, Ken 249 RF/Microwave Field Engineer
Chang, Jungshan NA Resident Artist
Chuter, Timothy 238 Electronic & Instrumentation Systems Engineer
Cookson, Jamie 272 Electronic Instrumentation Technician
Coulson, Iain 254 Senior Support Astronomer
Currie, Malcolm NA Scientific Programmer
DeMattos, Vernon 288 Facilities/Mechanical Maintenance Manager
Dempsey, Jessica 212 JCMT Deputy Director
Dougherty, Marjorie 209 Engineering/Planning Associate
Friberg, Per 222 Head of Instrumentation
Fuselier, David 234 Systems Administrator
Gonsalves-Nases, Velvet 225 Finance Administrator
Graves, Sarah 253 Scientific Programmer
Hauschildt-Purves,Maren 273 Software Engineer
Ho, Paul 205 Director General, EAO
Hoge, James 279 Telescope System Specialist
Johnson, Simeon 275 Jr. Electronic Instrumentation Technician
Matulonis, Callie 279 Telescope System Specialist
Montgomerie, William 279 Telescope System Specialist
Oliveira, Neal 259 Mechanical Technician
O’Neal, Susan  HR Associate
Parsons, Harriet 220 Support Astronomer
Rawlings, Mark 231 Support Astronomer
Sison, Ed 287 Mechanical Technician
Stilmack, Henry 230 Systems Administrator
Teramoto, Felisa 214 Finance Associate
Walther, Craig 256 Head of ETIS Division
White, Lawrie 201 Administrative Office Associate
Wouterloot, Jan 216 Support Systems Astronomer


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