Heterodyne Receivers

Currently JCMT supports a 16 receptor 350 GHz array receiver (HARP). The ACSIS spectrometer is used with all the heterodyne instruments. The receivers are further described here: HARP.

A new three-receiver heterodyne instrument, Nāmakanui, is currently being comissioned. Nāmakanui was built by a team at ASIAA (Taiwan) and is on loan to the JCMT as a spare for the GLT. An overview of the new Nāmakanui instrument is available here. The 230 GHz receiver `Ū`ū is commissioned. The commissioning of the 345 GHz receiver `Āweoweo is ongoing.

Spectral Line Frequencies


Velocity frames and definitions used at the JCMT.

Retired receivers

In the science archive one can find data obtained with a number of retired receivers such as:

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