Heterodyne Receivers

Currently JCMT supports a 16 receptor 350 GHz array receiver (HARP). The ACSIS spectrometer is used with all the heterodyne instruments. The receivers are further described here: HARP.

The single receptor 230 GHz receiver (RxA) was retired on June 27th, 2018.
The 660 GHz receiver RxW is not operational at the moment.

The current status of RxA and HARP.

A new three-receiver heterodyne instrument, Namakanui, is will be commissioned in 2019. An overview of the new Namakanui instrument is available here.

Spectral Line Frequencies


Velocity frames and definitions used at the JCMT.

Retired receivers

In the science archive one can find data obtained with a number of retired receivers such as:

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