JCMT Meetings

Our community is what makes our observatory a success and we enjoy connecting with our community at our annual JCMT Users Meetings. In 2019 the JCMT also organized a special meeting looking at the future of sub-mm astronomy within EAO. See below for links to all past and upcoming meetings.

JCMT Users Meeting

Below are a list of past JCMT Users meetings and locations. Watch this space for the details of the next JCMT Users Meeting

Users Meeting 2021 – TBD

Users Meeting 2020 – Cancelled

Users Meeting 2019 – ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan

Users Meeting 2018 – Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

Users Meeting 2017- PMO, Nanjing, China

Users Meeting 2016 – NAOJ, Mitaka, Japan

EAO Meeting

As well as JCMT meetings the observatory supprots the interests of astronomers within the East Asian community as part of EAO.

EAO Sub-mm Futures Meeting – PMO, Nanjing, China

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