Taipei 2019

The JCMT’s fourth annual Users Meeting will be held at ASIAA in Taipei, Taiwan in November 2019. This meeting will run directly after “Science with the Submillimeter Array: Present and Future” meeting. We hope participants to the JCMT meeting will also benefit by attending the SMA meeting. The tentative program is as follows:

  • November 4th – SMA meeting
  • November 5th – SMA meeting & JCMT Beginners Workshop – from proposal to analysis
  • November 6th – JCMT Users Meeting – Day 1
  • November 7th – JCMT Users Meeting – Day 2
  • November 8th – JCMT Workshop – data reduction and analysis

Space for splinter meetings for JCMT Large Programs and other science groups will be provided on November 5th and November 8th.

Science Organizing Committee:

Mark Rawlings (EAO/JCMT), Alex Tetarenko (EAO/JCMT), Wei-Hao Wang (ASIAA), Kate Pattle (NTHU), Satoki Matsushita (ASIAA), Wen Ping Chen (NCU), Harriet Parsons (EAO/JCMT).

Local Organizing Committee:

Sheng-Yuan Liu (ASIAA), Cindy Chiu (ASIAA), Winny Hsieh (ASIAA), Grace Huang (ASIAA), Shirley Huang (ASIAA) and Lynn Lin (ASIAA).


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