Users Meeting 2016

On this page you can find a link to the talks given at the April 2016 JCMT Users Meeting held in Mitaka Japan. Prior to the meeting EAO staff provided Data Reduction and Analysis Workshop a link to the a hands-on tutorials can be found here (this is a great guide for new users of the JCMT!).

JCMT Status and Future

Jessica Dempsey  – Introduction; Summary of First Year of Operations

Nagayoshi Ohashi –  Board perspective

Ming-Tang Chen – JCMT New Instrumentation Project

JJ Kavelaars –  The CADC

Sarah Graves –  JCMT Legacy Release

JCMT Large Programs

Harriet Parsons – Introduction to the Large Programs

Wei-Hao Wang – STUDIES

Yuichi Matsuda – SC2-COSMOS

Ting Xiao  – JINGLE

Thomas Greve  – MALATANG

Ken Tatematsu – SCOPE

Ray Furuya –  BISTRO

Greg Herczeg –  TRANSIENTS

JCMT Synergies

Ming Zhu  – JCMT and FAST

Satoki Matsushita  – JCMT and VLBI

Minju Lee – JCMT and HYPERSUPRIMECAM: Deep submm imaging of dusty starbursts in Proto-clusters at

PI Science

Len Cowie  – Mapping the Most Massively Star-Forming Galaxies Distant Universe

Yan Gong – Studying the thermal state of dense gas with JCMT

Thavisha Dharmawardena – Resolving the mass-loss history of nearby Giant Branch stars

Christine Wilson – Resolved Analysis of the ISM and Star Formation Properties of Spiral Galaxies in Different Environments

Tomoya Hirota  –   A Survey of the vibrationally excited H2O lines in nearby massive YSOs

Xue-Jian Jiang –  Hydrocarbon in Massive Star-Forming Regions: Mapping CCH with HARP

Hideo Sagawa –  Submm observation of Venus: Studying atmospheric dynamics, and chemistry in the mesosphere

Ciska Kemper  –  Writing a good proposal

PI Science (Posters)

Sekito Tokuyama, Tomoharu Oka, Shunya Takekawa, Masaya Yamada, Yuhei iwata, and Shiho Tsujimoto – Complete CO imaging of the CMZ  (poster 1) – Automatic identification of High-Velocity Compact Clouds (poster 2).


Participants at the JCMT Users Meeting at NAOJ, Japan, April 2016

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