JCMT Data Reduction/Analysis Tutorials


There are now a number of tutorials offered for new users of the JCMT.

General Data Reduction Tutorials

SCUBA-2 Tutorials

    1. SCUBA-2 Data Reduction/Analysis Tutorial 1 – Simple reduction of a SCUBA-2 dataset using the ORAC-DR pipeline software using different data reduction recipes; an introduction to basic Gaia use.
    2. SCUBA-2 Data Reduction/Analysis Tutorial 2 – Modification of the behavior of standard reduction recipes using a recpars (Recipe Parameters) file, standard imaging of a SCUBA-2 dataset using the makemap command and manual modification of the process by specifying a different dimmconfig file.
    3. SCUBA-2 Data Reduction/Analysis Tutorial 3 – Creation and use of an external mask with a simple SCUBA-2 dataset. This is usually used to help recover/improve large scale structure and decrease the negative bowling in large Pong maps.
    4. SCUBA-2 Data Reduction/Analysis Tutorial 4 – Use and modification of PICARD matched filters for point source detection in an already-reduced map.
    5. SCUBA-2 Data Reduction/Analysis Tutorial 5 – Investigating the contamination in the 850-micron bandpass from CO molecular line emission. This advanced tutorial will reduce and use both SCUBA-2 and HARP data.

POL-2 Tutorial

Heterodyne Tutorials

JCMT Observing Tool Tutorials

Analysis Tutorials and HowTos

Analysis with Starlink tutorial – looking at some of the many analysis tools within Starlink

Analysis How-Tos: these are short tutorials also available as jupyter notebooks from here,  and data available from here

  1. Masking Cubes based on peak SNR 
  2. Calculating SCUBA-2 fluxes
  3. Estimating Excitation Temperatures from 12CO
  4. Clumpfinding

Python & Starlink Jupyter notebooks:

Datasets for Tutorials

Additional Training Materials

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