Problems or Issues

Our guide to using the JCMT Science Archive (JSA) can be found  here.

If you have a problem to report, or require help in using the JSA, please provide us with the following information where relevant:

In all cases, please tell us:

  • Your name and affiliation.
  • Whether or not you have used JCMT observations before.

If you are accessing or attempting to access data from a specific project, please also tell us:

  • The JCMT project code (e.g. M14AU14).
  • Your association with project (e.g. PI, co-I, student of project member, not associated)
  • If the data are proprietary or publicly available.
  • If the data are proprietary, please tell us your CADC user id. If you are logged in to CADC, this should be visible in the top right of the page.
  • If you have one, please tell us your JCMT OMP ID.

If you are having trouble finding data, please also tell us:

  • The exact search you are performing.
  • If data/observations are not visible that you know exist, please try and give us a unique way to identify the observation (e.g. UT Date, instrument, and scan number).
  • If you know the data/observation exists, please let us know how you knew about the existence of the data/observation (from a log file, the OMP etc.)

Then email this information, as well as your question or bug report, to:

jsa-help AT

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