The UHH Research Park includes the headquarters for the East Asian Observatory, the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory, Subaru, Gemini, UKIRT, the Smithsonian Submillimeter Array and the Institute for Astronomy, plus the astronomers at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. We are one of the major centres for astronomy in the world and encourage all visitors to the JCMT to take advantage of the proximity of these institutes, and give a seminar while in Hilo. Your talk will be advertised at each of the above institutes.

Upcoming Seminar: January 29th, 2019, 2pm (HST)

Astrophysics research at the Vietnam National Space Centre (VNSC)

Location: EAO Office, Hilo

Tuan-Anh, Vietnam National Space Centre

A brief account of the research being conducted at the Department of Astrophysics of the Vietnam National Space Centre, including stellar physics (protostars and Red Giants on the Asymptotic Giant Branch) and physics of the early Universe (high redshift galaxies) will be given. As an illustrative example, the analysis of radio observations made of the circumstellar envelope of AGB star EP Aqr will be presented. Emphasis will be on introducing the audience to the methods and arguments that characterize this field of research.

Where and How:

EAO seminars are (usually) held in the second floor conference room at the East Asia Observatory, 660 N. A’ohoku Place, Hilo, Hawaii. Please note that access to EAO is possible only through the main entrance (through the side doors facing Subaru).

If you would like to view the seminar via Polycom or Zoom, please contact the helpdesk well in advance of the talk and we will make sure that the option it available. Polycom contact details or Zoom meeting information will be made available on request.

The EAO phone number is: (808) 961-3756. A full list of past seminar speakers can be found below for the current and previous years. These pages also contain links to PDF copies of the seminar slides and other materials, where available.

To join the Seminar e-mail list:

EAO Seminars are sent out via If you wish to join this seminar list please send an e-mail to

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