2022 Seminars

This page lists the Seminars that were given virtually on zoom in 2022. The EAO staff would like to thank all guest speakers and encourage new astronomers/instrument specialists to give virtual talks.


September 2nd, 10:00 am (HST)

Title: An Overview of BISTRO Science and a Look Ahead at BISTRO-3

Janik Karoly, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Abstract: B-fields In STar-forming Regions Observations (BISTRO) is a large program at the JCMT which makes use of SCUBA-2/POL-2 to study the dust continuum and polarization in star-forming regions. The dust continuum allows us to observe these dense molecular clouds where stars are forming or have already formed, while the polarization provides information about the magnetic field structure and an approximate determination of its strength in these regions. After completing two successful programs, it is now onto the third generation of observations. With BISTRO-3, the goal is to study both the nearest and earliest evolutionary stages of molecular clouds such as prestellar cores as well as the furthest and largest molecular clouds, such as those in the Central Molecular Zone of the Galactic Centre. I will share some of the newest BISTRO-3 results, such as in the prestellar cloud L43 and magnetic field structures within the Galactic Centre.

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