Ozone Lines

Ozone lines are known to impact sub-mm astronomical observations. This page introduce how to recognize ozone line in the spectra.

Ozone line frequencies

The frequencies of Ozone lines can be found using the JPL catalog browser form shown below.

How to recognize the line?

Ozone lines are broad unexpected features that can show up as emission or absorption features in a spectrum. They are not connected to known astronomical spectral lines.

248.183 GHz ozone line in emission in an `Ū`ū spectra

Example of an ozone line in HARP data

To select topocentric coordinate (to compare with ozone line frequencies) in the GAIA spectrum window select Coords/StdOfRest and then select topocentric.

Uu list of brighter Ozone lines

The following are a list of strong Ozone lines in the `Ū`ū band. The first number is the topocentirc frequency in GHz.

  • 231.281511 GHz
  • 235.709.8550 GHz
  • 237.1461160 GHz
  • 239.0932790 GHz
  • 242.3186880 GHz
  • 243.4537760 GHz
  • 248.1833900 GHz
  • 249.7885520 GHz
  • 249.9619600  GHz
  • 258.7161800 GHz
  • 263.6926000 GHz
  • 267.2665700 GHz
  • 273.0509000 GHz


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