Reducing POL-2 data

For information regarding POL-2 data reduction please see the following pages:

The POL-2 Data Reduction Cookbook.

POL-2 Data Reduction – Tutorial 1.

We regularly make updates on new features/bug fixes and other news relevant to our users on our Data and Software blog at: . You can sign up for email updates at that link.

If you are new to the JCMT and keen to get some hands on experience with reduction and analysis of JCMT data then we recommend you looking at our reduction/analysis tutorial page.

To do any of the above you will  need to have downloaded and installed the Starlink suite of data reduction and analysis software. For more information on this click here.

JCMT continuum data obtained with POL-2 are written to disk and available at the JCMT, in Hilo (in the same location as SCUBA-2 data). Archival POL-2 data may be accessed via CADC.

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