Checking for convergence in pol2map log files

When processing POL2 data, it is important to know that the map-making algorithm converged correctly for all observations. This information is available in the pol2map log file, along with the rest of the makemap or skyloop output.  However, the log file can be very long and so finding the relevant information may  not be straight-forward, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the screen output usually created by makemap or skyloop.

To help with this, I have written a simple python script called, which searches a specified pol2map log file for the relevant information and reports any observations that did not converge. Use it as in the following example:

% omc1/pol2map.log.3


 Looks like a step 1 log file
  The following observation(s) failed to converge:
    20190104 #14
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