First Light with new JCMT receiver `Āweoweo

IRC+10216, also known as CW Leonis – a carbon star embedded in a thick dust envelope, was the target for first light observations with the second Nāmakanui insert; `Āweoweo. This spectrum was captured on the night of January 13 2021 (UT 20200114).

`Āweoweo operates between 283 – 365 GHz and is a Sideband Separating (2SB) instrument. When commissioned, `Āweoweo, will be available to both JCMT Users (PI and Large Programs – perfect for sensitive single pointing observations), and VLBI users (as part of the Event Horizon Telescope and the East Asian VLBI Network).

JCMT staff presented “Commissioning of Nāmakanui on the JCMT” at the SPIE conference in December 2020. For details see: Mizuno et al. 2020.

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