EAO/JCMT’s Response to Hawai’i House Bill 2024

The East Asian Observatory (EAO) operates the University of Hawaiʻi’s James Clerk Maxwell Telescope on Maunakea, a unique privilege that has contributed to scientific advancements that change our understanding of the universe around us. From collaborating with local experts on the first image of black hole Pōwehi, to our broad and long-lasting bonds with our Hilo community, we continue to recognize the importance of mutuality in relationships as we navigate a future for astronomy in Hawaiʻi.

We acknowledge the work of the Hawaiʻi State Legislature, the Mauna Kea Working Group, and the many passionate community members to establish a new Mauna Kea Stewardship and Oversight Authority through House Bill 2024, and embrace the spirit of mutual stewardship that is the foundation of this new model of governance. EAO shares the commitment by the University of Hawaiʻi and the other Maunakea Observatories to support the new Mauna Kea Stewardship and Oversight Authority as it is established, and we look forward to working collaboratively with the authority into the future.

For further information visit the maunakeaobservatories.org site.

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