Extended Observing Returns

The EAO is pleased to have our Extended Observing program back in full swing thanks to the recruitment of two new Extended Operators, both recent graduates in Astronomy from the University of Hawai`i, Hilo.

Extended Observing is when trained staff proceed with observations after the formal night shift ends. This enables the observatory to gain some additional  hours of science data before conditions deteriorate.

Featured in the photograph below is Extended Operator Allison Dries-Padilla. Before graduating from UH Hilo with degrees in Astronomy and Physics, she was an Astronomy Lab Assistant and tutored students in math, physics and astronomy. She also participated in two summer internships where she researched the evolution of galaxies with active galactic nuclei and investigated star forming regions in nearby galaxies utilizing telescopes on Maunakea.

Allison Dries-Padilla operating the telescope from the JCMT Remote Operations Control (JROC) room in Hilo.

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