JCMT Workshops 2015

In January 2015 the JCMT staff provided workshops in Japan, Taiwan and China for JCMT users. There were over 200 participants at these workshops from all EAO member countries. Slides from each talk given at the workshops can be found here:

JCMT-Instruments.pdf – The JCMT and its instrumentation

JCMT-Operations.pdf – JCMT operations

JCMT-ideas-to-data-1.pdf – Submitting a proposal to the JCMT

JCMT-ideas-to-data-2.pdf – How to obtain data once you have been awarded time on the JCMT

Slides from the hands-on sessions can be found here:

JCMT-proposal-prep-and-submission.pdf – Guide to proposal preparation and submission

JCMT-Observing-Tool.pdf – Guide to the Observing Tool

HET-DR.pdf – Guide to Heterodyne Data Reduction

SCUBA2-DR.pdf – Guide to SCUBA-2 Data Reduction


Participants at the JCMT workshop at NAOJ, Japan, January 2015


Participants at the JCMT workshop at ASIAA, Taiwan, January 2015


Participants at the JCMT workshop at NAOC, China, January 2015

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