Submissions Checklist

Submission and management of JCMT observing proposals (except for those from the University of Hawaii) is handled by the web-based system called Hedwig. A help page can be found here.

Each proposal requires the following inputs:

  • Co-Is
    • names, institutes, email addresses
  • Receiver(s) needed
    • ancillary instruments (POL-2, FTS-2)
  • integration time (hours)
    • science time only; calibrations and pointing are not charged to the project and do not need to be estimated within the proposal
  • weather band(s)
    • can the same science be achieved in poorer weather?
  • targets and positions
    • are they visible from Hawaii at the time of year requested?
    • see sourceplot for help
  • an adequate scientific justification
    • consult your CoIs
    • Is the .pdf version ready for upload? (see here)
  • an adequate technical justification
  • Special constraints on observing
    • JCMT observing is normally executed ‘flexibly’, based on program priorities, current weather conditions and target accessibility.
    • Are specific observing dates or conditions required to override the above normal observing plan ? Observing of Targets-of-Opportunity can be accommodated within the above flexible observing scheme, and while daytime observations may be requested, they require special arrangements: you should contact the JCMT for further information.

We urge applicants experiencing problems in submission to check/update their own Hedwig profiles, to check that the items listed above are addressed within the proposal, and then contact us with remaining problems or questions.

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