EAO Eligibility/Funding partners

The JCMT is managed by the East Asian Observatory. The telescope is funded by the East Asian Observatory and a select number of institutions in the UK.

PI Eligibility

PIs of PI observing proposals to JCMT must be from any of the partner East Asian regions (China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea), Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or from the universities in the UK and Ireland that contribute to JCMT funding (see lists and definitions below). Otherwise, if you do not qualify by national or institutional affiliation as defined below then you cannot be the Principal Investigator on a JCMT observing proposal. Co-I status is not similarly restricted*. For details of how collaborative projects with investigators from more than one participating regions are allocated, please see here.

* Note: Co-I status is not restricted for PI programs but are restricted for JCMT Large Programs.

Large Program Eligibility

At least three PIs are required to lead Large Programs undertaken at the JCMT. These PIs must be from at least three regions. Astronomers working at any EAO regional institute, any Canadian institute, and contributing UK and Ireland institutes are welcome to lead a Large Program. We warmly welcome Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesian astronomers: these regions now have “observer” status with the JCMT.

Astronomers outside of the EAO regions or partner institutions cannot be members of the project team but can have access to data products – i.e. source catalogues at the PIs discretion.

Members of JCMT Large Programs who meet the initial eligibility requirements but later move to institutes not listed on this page are allowed to remain as a Co-I of a program for the remainder of the programs life span.

For the purpose of applying for observing time with JCMT, the definition of regional affiliation varies among the partner regions:




South Korea

Contributing UK & Ireland universities

Astronomers from UK and Irish institutions have the following access to the PI queue. Please also note that any astronomer from any institute listed below can also be a member of any Large Program or submit “Urgent” queue proposals.

Unlimited PI access (an unrestricted number of proposals per semester per institution):

2 proposals may be submitted per semester per institution:

1 proposal may be submitted per semester per institution:

Contributing Canadian Organizations**

Please note that while astronomers affiliated with a Canadian institution are encouraged to act as co-Is for projects/proposals targeting the PI project queue, they are not currently eligible to act as the PI for such projects.

**Canadian astronomers can participate in any of the JCMT Large Programs as PI or as COI.

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