JCMT Large Programs


On July 1st 2015 the JCMT Large Program Call was announced encouraging astronomers from EAO partner regions to apply for significant (>200 hours) amounts of time to take advantage of the JCMT’s scientific capabilities in order to address important scientific questions.

On November 9th 2015 the board awarded time to the top seven ranked programs covering a range of topics related to Star Formation, Nearby Galaxies and Cosmological studies:

These Large Programs have been allocated 50% of observing time from December 2015 until January 2019. For specific details of each program including the number of hours awarded per weather band and instrument requested please click here.

Large Program Policies:

Membership requirement

Any astronomer wishing to be involved with a Large Program must be a member of an EAO region or partner. Astronomers outside of the EAO regions or partner institutions cannot be members of the project team and will not be allowed direct access to the project data.

Members of a Large Program must seek the approval from the coordinator/PI of a specific Large Program for data usage and publication. Members found to exploit data without the consent of the coordinator/PI will have data access privileges revoked by the observatory.

Each Large Program must demonstrate a diverse membership of astronomer from all EAO regions and partners.

Proprietary period

Individual observations will be become public one (1) year after the end of the semester in which it was taken.

Large Program Review March 2017

A mid-term review in March 2017 will be held to review the completion, continuation and scientific productivity of these Large Programs. At this time a second Large Program Call will be made to elicit new proposals.

Continuation of a program beyond July 2017 will be contingent on a successful review in March 2017. At this time a new call for Large Programs will be announced. All projects will be required to demonstrate scientific productivity based upon pre-agreed program-specific performance metrics. At this time Large Programs will be able to request an amendment or an extension of the existing allocations.

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