Legacy Survey sensitivities


Survey Allocations


(SCUBA-2) Survey Hours awarded
SCUBA-2 “All Sky” Survey: SASSY 480
SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey: S2CLS 1778
Nearby Galaxies Legacy Survey: NGLS 100
JCMT Galactic Plane Survey: JPS 450
Gould Belt Survey: GBS 412
SCUBA-2 Observations of Nearby Stars: SONS 270
TOTAL 3490


Hours awarded per weather band

Survey Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
SASSy (A) 480
S2CLS 629 695 454
NGLS 100
JPS 450 (B)
GBS 70 342
SONS 135 135

(A) As of June 2013 SASSy was approved to utilise band 3 weather in situations where no other legacy survey requires it. The time was subtracted from their band 4 allocation.
(B) As of June 2013 JPS has been approved to utilise band 4 weather in situations where no other survey legacy requires it. The time will be subtracted from their band 3 allocation.

HARP component

The awards above are specific to SCUBA-2 only. For completeness, the awards made for the HARP components of the JLS are summarised in the table below:

(HARP) Survey Hours awarded
Nearby Galaxies Legacy Survey: NGLS 256
Gould Belt Survey: GBS 250
Spectral Legacy Survey: SLS 456


The depths and sensitivity goals of each survey are summarised in the table below.

Survey SCUBA-2
(850 microns)
(450 microns)
SASSy 30 mJy
S2CLS 1.2 mJy 1.2 mJy
NGLS 1.55 mJy 23.1 mJy CO J=3-2; 19mK @ 20km/s
JPS 10 mJy
GBS 3 mJy 30 mJy CO J=3-2; 1 K @ 1km/s
13CO J=3-2; 0.25 K @ 0.1 km/s
C18O J=3-2; 0.3 K @ 0.1 km/s
SONS 2 mJy

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