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On this page you can find a tentative list of speakers and talk tiles for the 2018 JCMT Users Meeting to be held in Seoul, South Korea. This page will soon be updated to provide the full program. Please note several of the JCMT Large Programs are meeting prior to the JCMT meeting in order to share work/results and work on publications. Finally we apologize for the inconvenience but the EAO meeting scheduled for February 2nd has now been cancelled, the JCMT workshop scheduled for February 2nd is still being held.

JCMT 2018 Users Meeting Homework Link


Registration for participants will be on the first floor of the Hoam Faculty House  Convention Centre (The Hoam Faculty House is both a Convention Center and Hotel). The registration desk for participants will be staffed from 8.30-9.00am, 1.30-2.00pm on January 30th and 8.30-9.00am on January 31.

January 30th – Side Meetings

BISTRO – 9.00am – 6.00pm

MALATANG – 9.00am – 1.00pm

JINGLE – 2.00pm – 6.00pm – organizer: Ho Seong Hwang for more details visit

NEP – 9.00am – 1.00pm – organizer: Hyung Mok Lee

January 31st – JCMT meeting – Day 1

9.00am – Opening Speech: Hyung-Mok Lee, president of KASI

Session 1 – Chair: Harriet Parsons

9.05am – Jessica Dempsey & Harriet Parsons – JCMT: an observatory update

9.25am – Ciska Kemper – Future prospects for the JCMT

9.45am – Hideo Sagawa  – Observation of Venus atmosphere in coordination with Akatsuki Venus orbiter

Session 2 – Chair: Steve Mairs

10.30am – Sung-ju Kang – Sub-mm Variability of Embedded Protostars: Past, Present and Future of Transient Survey

10.50am – Hyunju Yoo – The JCMT Transient Survey: Detection of Submillimeter Variability in a Class I Protostar EC 53 in Serpens Main

11.05am – Keping Qiu – Dynamics, turbulence, and fragmentation of massive dense clumps to cores

11.20am – Tie Liu – The TOP-SCOPE survey of Planck Galactic Cold Clumps

11.40am – Geumsook Park – The investigation of sub-mm variability of the SCOPE clumps

11.55am – Hee-Weon Yi – Environmental effects on core formation – SCOPE

12.10pm – Kee-Tae Kim – The CHIMPS2 program

Session 3 – Chair: Kate Pattle

2.30pm – Yan Sun – Molecular clouds in the Extreme Outer Galaxy

2.45pm – Eswaraiah Chakali – Magnetic fields in filament and bipolar bubbles using JCMT POL-2 – a case study of S201

3.00pm – Derek Ward-Thompson – BISTRO 1 & 2 an update

3.20pm – Jungmi Kwon – A First Look at BISTRO Observations of the Oph-A core

3.35pm – Archana Soam – BISTRO: SCUBA-2 Polarization Measurements of Magnetic Fields in rho-Oph-B region

Session 4 – Chair: Archana Soam

4.30pm – Kate Pattle – BISTRO The variation of dust grain/B-field alignment with environment in Ophiuchus

4.45pm – Woojin Kwon – BISTRO: Serpens Main

5.00pm – Jia-Wei Wang – BISTRO: Magnetic Fields from Filamentary Clouds to Hub-Filament System in IC5146 Cloud Complex

5.15pm – Tao-Chung Ching – BISTRO: Magnetic Fields in the DR21 Filament: JCMT Pol2 Results

5.30pm – Peter Scicluna– NESS

5.50pm – Yu Gao – The far-IR and HCN correlations over ~10 order-of-magnitude

February 1st – JCMT meeting – Day 2

Session 5 – Chair: Sarah Graves

9.00am – Nagayoshi Ohashi – JCMT Board Perspective: Feedback from the JCMT Mid Term Review

9.15am – Bong Won Sohn – Event-Horizon-Telescope project participation of JCMT

9.30am – Satoki Matsushita – Greenland Telescope (GLT) Frontend/Backend Commissioning on JCMT

9.45am – JJ Kavelaars – JCMT Observations and the Multi Archive Query Tool

Session 6 – Chair: Sheona Urquhart

10.30am – Aeree Chung – HASHTAG update

10.50am – Thomas Greve – MALATANG

11.10am – Xue-Jian Jiang – Mapping the Dense Molecular Gas in Star Forming Galaxies: MALATANG first results

11.25am – Lapo Fanciullo – Determining the systematic errors in fits of dust thermal emission: the role of laboratory data in upcoming models

11.40am – Sofia Wallstrom – Quasar variability at 850um

11.55am – Ho Seong Hwang  – Current Status of JINGLE

Session 7 – Chair: Ryan Cheale

2.30pm – Sheona Urquhart – JINGLE: UK Update

2.45pm – Yang Gao – Linking the molecular gas content of galaxies with spatially resolved star formation history – JINGLE

3.00pm – Zheng Zheng – HI deficit CO abundant galaxies

3.15pm –  Hyung Mok Lee – Current Status of NEP Survey

Session 8 – Chair: Ciska Kemper

4.05pm – Ryan Cheale – SCUBA-2 Cluster Snapshot Survey: Lensed Galaxies and Submillimetre-Bright Central Galaxies

4.20pm – James Simpson – S2COSMOS and beyond

4.40pm – Hyunjin Shim – SCUBA-2 Ultra Deep Imaging EAO Survey – STUDIES

5.00pm – Paul Ho – Concluding Remarks


February 2nd – JCMT workshop


Online material of the 2018 JCMT Users Meeting workshop can be found on the Workshops web page.

User Meeting – Posters

Oscar Morata, Chi-Jui Chen & Ciska Kemper – Sh2-61: A massive star forming region above the Galactic Plane

Yinan Zhu – TBC

Xue-Jian Jiang – TBC

Sofia Wallstrom – A heterodyne pipeline for NESS

Zhiwei Chen – A Census of the 13CO and C18O Clumps in the Molecular Complex  M 16

Zheng Zheng – TBC

Jing Tang – New PARSEC evolutionary tracks of stars

A-Ran Lyo – BISTRO: Orion-B

Hideo Matsuhara – Current Status of Ancillary Data toward NEP Extragalactic Deep Field

Sihan Jiao – Precisely Characterizing Interstellar Dust Thermal Emission in Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths

Thavisha Dharmawardena – The sub-mm variability of IRC+10216

Kenichi Tatematsu – Nobeyama follow-up of TOP-SCOPE project

Tetsuo Hasegawa – A first look at BISTRO observations of the RHO OPH A core.

Hye-In Lee – Hot Bubble in Star-Forming Regions in NGC 6822 Hubble V

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