It is noted that prior to all technical workshops participants are asked to install the starlink software, and any required ahead of time. Participants must check their install of that starlink software before the tutorial and see the Starlink support mailing list for questions/concerns (also you can email 

June 28-30th 2017 – Maunakea Wonders

A free three day workshop primarily for newly qualified teachers on Hawaii Island. For more information click here.

February 2017 – JCMT Users workshop

On February 15th JCMT staff will provide a JCMT Users workshop covering a range of topics for interested astronomers in Nanjing, China. This workshop will be given as part of the JCMT Users Meeting.  The topics covered will include:

Attendees are asked ahead of time to download the particular tutorial data-sets, and are advised to run the Heterodyne tutorial 1 and SCUBA-2 tutorial 1 prior to the meeting. For further information on all the JCMT tutorials available see the tutorials page.

October 2016 – JCMT DR workshop

In October JCMT staff provided a JCMT Heterodyne and SCUBA-2 workshop for interested astronomers in Shanghai, China. All participants were asked – in addition to the instructions above – to download all the datasets for the tutorial. This workshop was given alongside the JINGLE and MALATANG Large Program meetings.

August 2016 – JCMT DR workshop

In August 2016 JCMT staff provided a workshop on JCMT heterodyne data reduction for students of the TIARA Summer School on Radio Astronomy. The workshop focused on reducing heterodyne data (see tutorials 5 and 6). The slides given in this workshop are provided here:

April 2016 – JCMT DR workshop

In April 2016 the JCMT staff provided a workshop in Japan for JCMT alongside the 2016 JCMT Users Meeting. The presentations given during the workshops can be found here:

March 2016 – JCMT Instrument Panel workshop

In March 2016 the JCMT hosted an Instrument Panel workshop at ASIAA. The aim of the meeting was to share the instrument capabilities and interests of their regional institutes and discuss the future instrument options for the JCMT. Slides from the talks can be found here.

January 2015 – JCMT DR workshop

In January 2015 the JCMT staff provided workshops in Japan, Taiwan and China for JCMT users. There were over 200 participants at these workshops from all EAO member countries. Slides from each talk given at the workshops can be found here.

Participants at the JCMT reduction workshop, China, October 2016.

Participants at the JCMT reduction workshop, China, October 2016.

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