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Upcoming Seminar: September 18th, 2017, 2pm (HST)

A high resolution study of the star-formation law: the test case of M33

Location: EAO Office, Hilo

Tom Williams, Cardiff University, UK

For nearly 2 decades, the Schmidt index of the star-formation law for a range of galaxies has been found to be around 1.4, generally attributed to star-formation timescales being dictated by the free-fall time. However, another school of thought is that star-formation is more closely linked to dense gas, and that this index is closer to 1. Recent work has also shown that on the scale of a giant molecular cloud complex (~100pc), this law breaks down. Using M33 as a laboratory, I have brought together a panchromatic data set from GALEX UV to SCUBA-2 observations to measure star-formation in a variety of ways. HI and CO(2-1) emission have been used to trace atomic and molecular hydrogen, and I also construct dust maps to trace the gas. My work shows that (a) the star-formation law does indeed break down at 100pc scales, and (b) that a linear Schmidt index is appropriate in M33 when considering molecular gas, or the classic 1.4 with total gas.

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