Taipei 2019 Posters

The following poster presentations will be provided at the 2019 JCMT Users Meeting in Taipei, Taiwan.

Zamri Zainal Abidin, University of MalayaMalaysia/EAO Observer Consortium
Tao-Chung Ching, NAOC – Magnetic Fields in the DR21 Massive Star-forming Region from 10 to 0.03 pc Scales
Pei-Ying Hsieh, ASIAA – The accretion process of cold molecular gas to the closest supermassive black hole SgrA*
Yu-Hsuan Hwang, ASIAA/NTUA Submillimeter View of Quiescent Galaxies
Lapo Fanciullo, ASIAA – The role of POL-2 data in reconstructing dust properties from multi-wavelength polarimetry
Natsuko Izumi, Ibaraki UniversityCO observations of molecular clouds in the Extreme Outer Galaxy
Sihan Jiao, NAOC – Cloud structure from combining ground and space-based bolometric observations
Dongjin Kim, Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy – A search for molecular absorption in AGN
Shanghuo Li, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory – ALMA observations of NGC 6334S
Hongjun Ma, Purple Mountain Observatory/EAOIdentifying the foreground clouds in the CMZ
Kate Pattle, National Tsing Hua UniversityDust grain alignment inferred using a Ricean noise model
Travis Thieme, NTHU – Searching for Accretion Flows around Class 0 Protostars with ALMA

All poster presenters are asked to give a brief 60 sec presentation of their poster in the poster flashes section on Wednesday November 6 (12:12 – 12:30). We ask that you please prepare one slide to accompany your poster flash presentation (this slide is to be uploaded onto the presentation computer by the end of the first coffee break on Nov 6; please see Mark Rawlings for assistance if needed). The poster flashes will run in alphabetical order (as displayed above).

Poster boards can accommodate posters of up to 90 cm in WIDTH and 180 cm in HEIGHT. Posters in either “portrait” or “landscape” format smaller than this dimension can be fitted on the board. An A0 size poster (84 cm by 120 cm), for example, can be displayed in portrait format.

Please provide observatory staff with a pdf of your poster ahead of time using the format:

<given name>_<family name>_JCMT2019UsersMeeting_poster_public

Please note that the LOC will not print posters for participants.

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